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 site rules, mandatory read
posted Oct 24 2014, 04:41 AM
site rules

★ we aim to be a friendly community, so please follow the "treat everyone the way you would want to be treated" mindset! if there is an issue with another member, please make sure that you contact a staff member as soon as possible.

★ you must be thirteen years old in order to register. we love you, but it is against the jcink (our server host) rules to allow anyone under the age of thirteen to register! sorry!

★ you can register with whatever username you want (as long as it isn't obscene or too graphic) in whatever case you want (upper, lower, normal, a mix).

★ we absolutely do not allow requests through private messages. doing this once will result in a warning, but please refrain from doing so. doing so again will result in a ban from the request section, and doing so a third time will result in a permanent ban.

★ do not create multiple accounts. there is no need for multiple accounts and if it is found that you do so, one of them will be deleted.

★ because we are a resource site that solely revolves around coding and because coding is what is most commonly stolen in the rp world, we must stress that code theft of any kind and of any degree is strictly forbidden. if anyone suspects anyone else of stealing even bits and pieces of codes, please pm the admin team, as they are the ones who handle all security issues.

★ we do not take "frankensteining" very lightly either. if you deliberately code something in order to look exactly something else, you will be punished as though you stole it, because all you did was re-create it for your own person use rather than asking the original creator for permission to use it.

★ while we are a coding resource site, we also do not allow the theft of graphics or writing either. if you are caught stealing graphics, writing, or site content (our site or others), your advertisement will be deleted and your account will receive one warning to remove the stolen content before you are permanently banned.

★ this isn't a rule, but for those who would like to know, our recommended avatar size is 200x300 (though it doesn't need to be exactly 300px in height). however, signatures can only be 600px in width (including hovers) and 300px in height.

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