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7.25 hello stars! wecode is back with a brand new skin and a new coding adventure beginning in august! be sure to keep an eye out for it. we also have updated our advertising section to feature more supernatural categories!

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 STAFF SEARCH, rolling staff search.
 Posted: Jul 22 2016, 01:09 PM



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staff search
while we're still new, we are looking for some mods to help us out a little bit! as you can probably tell, the staff list is a little short. like the first day of our existence, we'll be having a continuous staff search that will last until all of the positions that we seek are filled. please send your applications to either vera or pierrot. we're looking for staff members with the following traits:

› a minimum of 50 posts here on weCode
› willingness to help
› show activity
› friendliness

directory (3) : our directory mods are in charge of our directory. they make sure that our directory is always organized and up to date as well as advertise our site around the roleplay world. they will also enforce our advertising rules.

community (3) : the responsibility of our community mods will be interaction within our community, which means welcoming our new members, playing our games, and really getting to know our members. they will also be in charge of helping to create challenges and help shape the overall environment of the site. they are also responsible for the maintenance of all non-support forums.

To apply for a community mod position, please include the following in your application:

› 1 challenge idea

support (2) : one of the first things you should realize is that the support board is currently our largest board, and we need help to maintain it. support mods will monitor the support board to make sure that it's neat and organized and that people within the board are following the rules

coding (3) : the largest responsibilities of the board falls onto our coding mods. they are talented coders who are willing to help others out. they will provide the most input in our monthly promotions, help give out feedback, be willing to provide help in our help section, and perhaps occasionally pick up a request or two. being that we are a resource site that revolves around coding, the coding mods are considered some of the most important mods and will be screened very thoroughly. before joining our staff, they must have, at the very least, five templates posted for public use, and a gallery or a testing thread (with more than just placeholder posts).

To apply for a coding mod position, please include the following in your application:

› your gallery or testing thread
› examples of your coding

this staff search has no official end and we will close it when all of our positions are filled up. feel free to stylize your application in any way that you would like. however, we ask that you include the following information in your application:

› alias
› age
› two preferred positions
› previous experience
› examples (if coding, include gallery/testing and five template links)
› tell us about yourself
› any other information you can think of

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