June 15, 2018

Hello Stars! The weCode staff is super excited to announce that we're finally back. we've got a surprise waiting for you in our latest announcement, which also details of what we plan to bring back! We would be absolutely thrilled to have you guys leave your comments and suggestions on our announcement as well, because we built this community for you, and we would hate for it to be anything but that.


posted Oct 24 2014, 04:52 AM

★ weCode was created by merc with the help of kelly. the wecode general site templates base, mini profile, ranking system, badges, and point guide were created by merc.

★ the skin was created by merc exclusively for weCode. the site templates were done thanks to the collaborative effort of shadia and merc (mostly shadia, you da bomb xo). multimod code was edited by kae!

★ the content created by our members belongs to our members. please refrain from stealing, "borrowing," frankensteining, "being inspired by" (and etc.) the codes on this site, created by either members or merc. remember, you should always ask before snatching something you like.

★ cbox smilies by schazatiebambam at blogspot!

★ code trip was created by the collaborative efforts of the weCode staff, drawing inspiration from Google Code Jam and codeEval.

#hashtag is something you can use! thanks to this tutorial by pierrot, originally from jawn on btn!

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