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7.25 hello stars! wecode is back with a brand new skin and a new coding adventure beginning in august! be sure to keep an eye out for it. we also have updated our advertising section to feature more supernatural categories!

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 Posted: Oct 24 2014, 04:52 AM



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site credits
weCode was created by vera with the help of erin. the wecode general site templates base, mini profile, ranking system, badges, and point guide were created by vera.

the skin was created by vera and merc.

the style of the general site templates were done by wyatt! the site advertisements and site ads were created by sam!

the modal popups and custom forum structure script was created by black at code (big thanks to you).

the content created by our members belongs to our members. please refrain from stealing, "borrowing," frankensteining, "being inspired by" (and etc.) the codes on this site, created by either members or vera. remember, you should always ask before snatching something you like.

cbox smilies by schazatiebambam at blogspot!

code trip was created by the collaborative efforts of the weCode staff, drawing inspiration from Google Code Jam and codeEval.

#hashtag is something you can use! thanks to this tutorial by pierrot, originally from jawn by btn!

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skinned by merc exclusively for wecode

in collaboration with vera's original skin (oct. 2014)