June 15, 2018

Hello Stars! The weCode staff is super excited to announce that we're finally back. we've got a surprise waiting for you in our latest announcement, which also details of what we plan to bring back! We would be absolutely thrilled to have you guys leave your comments and suggestions on our announcement as well, because we built this community for you, and we would hate for it to be anything but that.


posted Jul 2 2018, 09:05 PM
site updates

hello stars! we have made a couple of changes around here and we want to keep you updated!

new staff

★ please give a warm welcome to our new staff members: kailen, salem, luz, kayla, emily, lex, and summer! we highly encourage everyone who applied to apply again in the future! we only had a few slots open and we had an amazing crop of applicants but we could only choose so many! that being said, thank you to everyone who applied! please congratulate our newest staff members!!! they deserve it!


★ our lessons are officially up for sign up! if you are interested in learning how to make templates or how to make skins please sign up for our lessons in this topic!

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posted Jul 4 2018, 03:11 PM
congrats to all the new staff members!! i'm so excited to work with y'all. <3

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